Let’s have a short look through these five days!

lecture on "Wind Energy, current condition and future development"

Professor Stavros Papathanassiou gave us a lecture on Wind Energy. He made us clear how this source of energy has made our planet greener and pointed out its perspectives. After the end of his presentation, he answered to all of our questions (they were quite enough). We would like to thank him once more!

Here we are, listening to the lecture at the NTUA.

All the participants gave us a short presentation on the situation of the renewable energy sources in their country. We ended up with the feeling that Europe has to do more towards a cleaner environment…

We also had the chance to visit the the first energy-autonomous building named “Prometheus Pyrphoros” in Athens. All the staff was very helpful and willing to explain us the technological innovations that had been implemented. It was great for us to see that such a building is not only a realistic solution, but also economically viable.

In order to state our willing to help the environment, we visited a beach at Glyfada, where we spent some time cleaning it up. While doing so, we informed the pedestrians of our event. After a few minute of work, we were pleased to see the clean beach!

One of the most interesting visits of ours was at the Center for Renewable Energy Sources at Koropi. There, we were guided to all the departments and gained the feeling of R&D. 

We spent our last day at the University of Patras where we had a short tour through the campus. At the department of photovoltaics, we had the chance to see a solar car that was constructed by students of the department. 

Apart from the academic part, sightseeing was on schedule! We walked down town and visited most of the archaeological sites. In this way, participants were informed about Greek culture and history.

After all these activities, partying was just the right thing! We all had a great time!


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23 11 2008
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